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Algo trading ready for MiFID II compliance

Qcaid offers a solution ready for MiFID II compliance, so that you can focus on what’s really important: trading.

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Volume candles added

Qcaid includes candle subscriptions based on volume, with each bar representing a specified volume or number of trades.

This brings a new information domain that can be combined with standard time candles, bid/ask or last trade data in the same algo.

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More new features

  • Multi-account

    Use one trading account per each instrument in the algo.

  • Continuous-future or raw data

    For financial futures, Qcaid allows you to work with raw data from every contract’s expiration or with a virtual continuous future.

  • Annotations on canvas

    The new Annotation element allows you to add comments directly to your strategy. With this new feature, you can add text when designing your strategy to keep track of which blocks are doing what.

  • Tick Size, Tick Value

    Algos can be designed based on tick size and tick value, making it easier to use them with different assets.

  • Ultra-fast algorithm starting

    Algos can start without requiring a warm-up period or waiting for new data from the market.

  • More time control

    Qcaid makes it possible to define operations based on the day of the week, the day of the month or the month of the year.

  • Stop order

    The new Stop Order element has been added to Qcaid’s palette.

  • E-mail alerts

    Alerts by e-mail can be configured

  • Jump To & Jump From

    The elements of the strategy can be connected across the design canvas without having long wires that make the design messy and unclear.

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