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Solventis and Qbitia merge their financial and technology consulting businesses / Solventis y Qbitia fusionan sus negocios de consultoría financiera y tecnología

by Qbitia on March 12, 2020 , No comments


We are glad to inform you that Qbitia keeps on growing. An agreement for the merger of the consulting business of Solventis and the software development business of Qbitia has been reached this March, with the aim of consolidating a new leading competitor in the field of financial technology.

Thanks to this operation, Qbitia’s automated trading and data integration capabilities will be a part of Solventis, one of the main financial groups in Spain, which has provided wealth and real estate management, corporate finance and financial consulting services since 2002, anticipating a successful future together.

Alberto Moro, CEO of Solventis, stated: “Solventis and Qbitia send a clear message to their clients and to the market by joining forces in the business of financial and technological consulting.” “By taking advantage of our strengths and with a sustainable business development, we will create a leading company with better growth prospects”, he added.

Luis Taboada, CEO of Qbitia, declared that, “thanks to this agreement, Qbitia will not only continue developing its current strategic business lines, but will also integrate those provided by Solventis and go forward with new ones, resulting from synergies of the capacities of both firms”.

With this merger, Qbitia and Solventis look forward to the project of creating a new leader in the market.

Nos alegra comunicaros que Qbitia crece. Este mes de marzo se ha cerrado un acuerdo para la fusión de los negocios de consultoría de Solventis y de desarrollo de software de Qbitia, con la finalidad de consolidar un nuevo competidor líder en el ámbito de la tecnología para las finanzas.

Gracias a esta operación, las capacidades de trading automático e integración de datos de Qbitia se unirán a Solventis, un gran grupo financiero que presta servicios de gestión patrimonial e inmobiliaria, corporate finance y consultoría financiera desde el año 2002, conformando una gran entidad que busca afrontar un futuro de éxito en conjunto.

Alberto Moro, consejero delegado de Solventis, ha declarado respecto a esta operación: “Solventis y Qbitia envían un mensaje claro a sus clientes y al mercado al unir sus fuerzas en el negocio de la consultoría financiera y tecnológica”. “Aprovechando nuestras fortalezas y con un desarrollo de negocio sostenible, vamos a crear una empresa líder con mejores perspectivas de crecimiento”, ha añadido.

Por su parte, Luis Taboada, consejero delegado de Qbitia, ha señalado que, “gracias a este acuerdo, Qbitia no solo seguirá desarrollando sus líneas estratégicas de negocio actuales, sino que integrará las aportadas por Solventis y apostará por otras nuevas, surgidas de las sinergias de las capacidades de ambos”.

Tras la fusión, ambas partes nos embarcamos en un proyecto apasionante que afrontamos con ilusión y esperamos que desemboque en el nacimiento de un nuevo operador de referencia en el mercado.

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QbitiaSolventis and Qbitia merge their financial and technology consulting businesses / Solventis y Qbitia fusionan sus negocios de consultoría financiera y tecnología

Qcaid iSystems Edition lands at Robotrader World 2019 with Trading Motion

by Qbitia on February 18, 2019 , No comments

A new edition of Robotrader World is here. The worldwide contest for students who would like to discover algorithmic trading has started at the Polytechnic University of Madrid this February.

This year, Qcaid iSystems Edition has had the chance to be part of the contest alongside Trading Motion. Qcaid iSystems Edition is a really easy platform for beginners (programming skills are not required) and a great option for those who master trading and wish to earn some money with it. And all this because Qcaid iSystems Edition is not a common platform: it allows you to design and rent your strategies in the marketplace of iSystems. Also, Qcaid iSystems Edition is completely free (you can download it by clicking here).

In addition, Robotrader has a training part which offers courses and conferences. One of them was held by our R&D Director Marcos Suárez and by Victor Martin from iSystems (Trading Motion in Spain), who explained how easy it is to create algos and start earning money with Qcaid iSystems Edition.

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QbitiaQcaid iSystems Edition lands at Robotrader World 2019 with Trading Motion

Qbitia’s CEO Luis Taboada, in the top 100 of Economic Leaders For Tomorrow of Spain 2018

by Qbitia on February 14, 2019 , No comments

Luis Taboada, CEO of Qbitia, has been included on the top 100 Spanish Economic Leaders for Tomorrow Choiseul List 2018 for second year in a row. This ranking looks for the best young professional leaders between 30 and 42 years old that excel in terms of influence, aptitudes, reputation or leadership. Now Luis Taboada shares this honor with leaders of major companies such as Santander, Cabify or Uber.

Qbitia has growed notably in the last years, increasing its presence around the world, operating in more than 35 countries and extending its clients list to North America and Asia. In fact, Qbitia has won one of the most important awards in the fintech sector: the Asia Capital Markets Awards 2018 by Singapore’s FOW Global Investor Group.

Nevertheless, Luis Taboada remarks that all these achievements would not have been possible without Marcos Suárez (Qbitia’s R&D Manager & cofounder), Francisco M. Román (Qbitia’s COO & cofounder) and all of Qbitia’s team.

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QbitiaQbitia’s CEO Luis Taboada, in the top 100 of Economic Leaders For Tomorrow of Spain 2018

Qcaid iSystems Edition, a new way to earn money by renting your trading strategies on iSystems marketplace

by Qbitia on December 11, 2018 , No comments


Qbitia is glad to announce the launch of Qcaid iSystems Edition. This new version of Qcaid offers traders an additional way to benefit from the strategies developed on Qcaid by renting them on the marketplace of iSystems.

Now you can take advantage of Qcaid designing capabilities to easily create your algos and then upload them to iSystems, the marketplace for automated strategies. With Qcaid’s drag & drop editor, you don’t need programming skills to automate your trading ideas and to execute them with different kinds of assets. Qcaid also provides access to market data, an extensive library of functions and indicators and a realistic testing environment, among other useful features. And all this free of charge for strategy developers.

Once your automated strategies are uploaded to iSystems, only the results of the strategies will be published, so that clients can see their performance and choose which one to rent. The logic and design of your algos will remain confidential at all times.

Making money with Qcaid iSystems Edition is very easy:

1. Download the platform for free here.
2. Design your trading strategy.
3. Upload your strategy just by clicking a button.
4. Choose the licensing fee for your systems.
5. Your systems will be available for rent on the iSystems marketplace.
6. You can track your followers and how many leases you have sold in real time.

In short, Qcaid iSystems Edition and your trading ideas will make you earn money with no programming skills, no risks and no costs.

You can find more information on Qcaid iSystems Edition website and on this video.

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QbitiaQcaid iSystems Edition, a new way to earn money by renting your trading strategies on iSystems marketplace

Qbitia won the Asia Capital Markets Awards 2018 by Singapore’s FOW Global Investor Group

by Qbitia on September 24, 2018 , No comments

At Qbitia, we are really happy to share amazing news with you. Our prize-winning product Qcaid has a new prestigious award. Our algorithmic trading platform has won the Asia Capital Markets Awards 2018 by Singapore’s FOW Global Investor Group in the category of “Best new product, trading and execution”.

As you might know, Qbitia is an algorithmic trading platform that allows the investors to design their strategies in an easy way with its drag and drop interface. “This is a very nice software kit which makes algorithmic trading available to a wider audience without requirement for coding skills” said one of the judges of the FOW awards about Qcaid.

This last years, Qbitia’s product Qcaid, was nominated and became winner of so many international prizes, but, in 2018, for the first time, Qcaid has won this recognized Asian Award by The FOW Global Investor Group. It is an honor for Qbitia, ant its winner product Qcaid,  to share a place in the Asian Capital Markets Awards with the most leading companies in this sector, our sector, such as Trading Technologies, Fidessa, Citi, or Societe Generale.



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QbitiaQbitia won the Asia Capital Markets Awards 2018 by Singapore’s FOW Global Investor Group

Bitcoin futures now available on Qcaid

by Qbitia on December 20, 2017 , No comments

Bitcoin futures have just launched on Cboe Futures Exchange, LLC (CFE) and CME Group… and they are available for trading on Qcaid. The new futures contracts will provide exposure to bitcoin without having to keep units of this popular cryptocurrency.

In addition, this launching will also provide greater transparency and an increase in liquidity, allowing traders to have wider access to pricing data and to manage their position risk. The bitcoin as an asset will also benefit from this participation in a highly-regulated market.

“At launch, our new Bitcoin futures contract will be subject to a variety of risk management tools, including an initial margin of 35 percent, position and intraday price limits, and a number of other risk and credit controls that CME Group offers on all of its products”, said Terry Duffy, CME Group Chairman and CEO.

The new instrument “provides a centralized marketplace for participants to trade based on their view of bitcoin prices, gain exposure to bitcoin prices or hedge their existing bitcoin positions”, according to Cboe.

The effect of the new instruments

The main concern about Bitcoin is its volatility, since the value of the cryptocurrency reacts strongly to sensitive market news and to the confidence in the asset itself. Although these fluctuations have tended to decrease, some experts remain cautious about its stability. Now futures contracts could contribute to reduce volatility, thus increasing market efficiency.

Bitcoin exchanges are the main marketplace for this cryptocurrency, although they are not the only one, as investments in Bitcoin are on the rise. That’s why some major banks and funds have warned about the effects that a potential bubble could have. Even the US Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton has advised investors to “exercise extreme caution and be aware of the risk”. And Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen called the digital currency a “highly speculative asset”.

Despite all this buzz around Bitcoin, blockchain technology, the public ledger of cryptocurrency transactions, seems to be here to stay. The French Government, for instance, plans to allow the trading of some non-listed securities using the blockchain technology. This may help cryptocurrencies to prove that they are not a fad.

You can find the Bitcoin futures on Qcaid with the new tickers F.US.XBT and F.US.BTC

CFE BitCoin

  • Ticker: F.US.XBT
  • Exchange: CBOE Exchange Futures
  • Description: Cash-settled futures contracts based on the Gemini Exchange auction price for bitcoin in U.S. dollars.
  • Contract unit equal to 1 bitcoin.
  • Tradable since December 11th

CME BitCoin

  • Ticker: F.US.BTC
  • Exchange: CME on GLOBEX
  • Description: Cash-settled futures contracts based on the CME CF Bitcoin Reference Rate.
  • Contract unit equal to 5 bitcoins.
  • Tradable since December 18th
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QbitiaBitcoin futures now available on Qcaid

Simplify your strategies with Qcaid’s Jump To & Jump From component

by Qbitia on February 27, 2017 , No comments

Qbitia’s team continues improving Qcaid to facilitate the creation of strategies in our algorithmic trading platform so that the user can enjoy a better user experience.

With the new Jump To and Jump From model elements, the user can connect blocks across the design canvas without having long wires making the design messy and unclear. The Jump From element takes the output of the elements it is connected to and sends it to all the Jump To elements with the same name. You can see how this works in the following video.

We have also created a set of new components that we hope are useful for your strategies and inspire you to create your own components. They are classified in two projects.

The first one contains a new technical indicator named Envelope. This is useful to identify extreme overbought and oversold conditions in the market. The indicator creates bands enveloping the price by calculating the moving averages on the maximum and minimum of the candles and expending with a percentage margin. Looking into the component you can see how the period of the moving average and the margin are set as parameters of the components using variables.

The second project contains the following components:

  • Max of two entries: This new component provides the maximum of two numeric inputs and it can also work with two time inputs.
  • Min of two entries: This component is very similar to the previous, it provides the minimum of two numeric inputs.
  • True if once true: This useful component generates a constant true signal once a condition is reached, helping to reference something to make sure it has occurred in the past. Like this, the user can use this to make sure that the first order went out and it will stay True, allowing him to know to use the other logic on the rest of the orders. It contains a Reset input to back the output to false.
  • True if once data: This component generates a constant true signal once it receives the first data input, helping the user to make sure that the algo has received all its market data before it starts running. It could be also useful in strategies with multiple time frames or multiple instruments. It contains a Reset input to back the output to false.
  • Minute signal: This component generates a true signal every “N” minutes allowing the user to trigger actions with time bars without having to wait for the Bar to finish and close.

Start your free 15-day trial to check them out.
If you already have a Qcaid you can download these new projects (indicators and components ) and import them in your Qcaid.

Let us now if these components are useful for you or if you have suggestions for new ones. We will continue delivering new components, stay tuned.

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QbitiaSimplify your strategies with Qcaid’s Jump To & Jump From component

Complex strategies: Now you can add annotations

by Qbitia on January 26, 2017 , No comments

Qbitia’s team spends a lot of time looking through our clients’ feedback and works hard to incorporate all our user’s requests. Our intention is to keep improving our algorithmic trading platform and ensure a great user experience.

For this, we are pleased to announce that new updates are now available on Qcaid. We have incorporated an Annotation Functionality and a Help Icon to improve the performance and experience of creating strategies in Qcaid.

The new Annotation Functionality allows you to add comments directly to your strategy. With this new feature, you can add text during the design of a strategy to keep track of which blocks are doing what, without altering the performance of the strategy.

You can find this element on Qcaid’s palette under the heading “Reporting” just below the “Export CSV” element. Just drag and drop the new element “Annotation” onto the editor canvas and you can start writing any text you desire.

In addition, on Qcaid Help you can find all the information you might need while creating a strategy, from the description of Qcaid’s elements to all its functionalities. You can browse topics in the navigation tree or enter a query in the Search field. Qcaid Help will also allow you to print the topics that interest you the most, among other options.

To access this icon, you just have to click the Help Icon on Qcaid’s upper toolbar or by pressing F1 on your keyboard.

We hope that you find Qcaid’s new features useful during your performance in our platform.

Contact our sales team for more information about these updates.

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QbitiaComplex strategies: Now you can add annotations

Season’s greetings from Qbitia

by Qbitia on December 19, 2016 , No comments

As we look back upon the past year, we would like to acknowledge those who have helped us shape our business. It’s been quite a year for us all! We hope that 2016 has been just as memorable for you and your colleagues. We look forward to working with you in the years to come.

Qbitia’s team wishes you a very Happy Holiday season and a prosperous New Year!


Watch our overview video!

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QbitiaSeason’s greetings from Qbitia

FIA Expo, our first stop!

by Qbitia on October 28, 2016 , No comments

Due to the recent release of Qcaid Tick, the new version of our algorithmic trading platform, Qbitia goes on a world roadshow. Our first stop was at FIA Expo where we participated as exhibitors and panellist at the BYO Algo panel.

Annual Futures & Options Expo is FIA’s flagship event and gathers more than 5.000 attendees annually, including senior executives from trading firms, exchanges, brokerages and service providers.

At our booth, our professional team didn’t have a moment to spare as they were constantly demanded for Qcaid demos. It was definitely the best place to launch the new incorporation of our cloud-based trading platform as it offers wide opportunities to make valuable connections and network with professionals from all around the world.

The show wasn’t over for us when the Trade Floor closed as Marcos Suárez, our R&D director, was invited to speak about algorithmic trading at the BYO Algo panel. This event was all a success for us so we would like to thank everyone that took the time to stop by our booth to meet our team and our platform.

With the FIA Expo over, Qbitia follows its roadshow tour, currently on its way to New York. Here we will be hosting a meetup on the 3rd of November at 121 Fulton Street and we will be talking about algorithmic trading and enjoying a pleasant evening with drinks and canapés.

If you’re interested in meeting our team and Qcaid, you can register to our meetup here.

We hope to see you there!

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QbitiaFIA Expo, our first stop!