Special Welcome Offer

Free 15-day demo licence for all AMP traders

Qbitia has joined AMP Global Clearing and invites all AMP traders to try Qcaid Pro, its powerful algorithmic trading platform.

Discover Qcaid Pro

Automate your trading strategies without any programming skills

Backtest your algo with a few clicks and simulate it in a realistic environment

Qcaid Pro’s live licence fee: $150/month*

* Fee $0.05 per fill

To request your 15-day free trial:

1. Register with Qbitia on the bottom below

2. Wait for your confirmation by email

3. Request your demo licence entering the promotional code “AMP OFFER” in the Department field

15-day free demo licence

Qcaid’s Pro Features

  • Quickly design strategies with Qcaid’s Visual Strategy Designer
  • Test your strategies with real time simulation
  • High speed execution through low latency servers
  • Use and combine any asset
  • Use candles up to one second
  • Run up to ten thousand accurate backtest per month
  • Have up to five strategies running simultaneously
  • Use up to five instruments in a single strategy or in different strategies at the same time